what's on

2PM-8PM, October 25th and 26th @ the CLF Art Cafe (Bussey Building)

25 October

Screenwriting Workshop by Jingan Young (2PM-4PM)


Award-winning playwright and editor of Foreign Goods Jingan Young will lead a workshop on screenwriting and networking in the television and film industry. Come along for the opportunity to ask lots of questions and do lots of writing! 

Home is Where… by Pinecone Performance Lab (4:30PM-8PM)

Immigrants, expats, global nomads, ‘citizens of nowhere.’ Come over to our place for a cup of tea, a biscuit, and a one-on-one performance of stories from our oral history library. We invite you to listen to the voices of our cross-cultural community, and add your own story to the library.

Performances (5PM-8PM)

Atesh by Peyvand Sadeghian, directed by Emma Jude Harris, performed by Mandana Jones, Afsaneh Dehrouyeh, Iskandar Sharazuddin

Esfahan, Iran. Against a backdrop of social unrest Maman placates herself with home comforts.  She's seen it all before. The New Year is coming, but it's the same old cycles that play out.

So Long, Babe by Jalice Corral, directed by Xanthus Peters, performed by Samira Teymouri

A wife seeking revenge, seeking justice and taking the law into her own hands.

drop dead gorgeous  by Same Same

drop dead gorgeous is a devised theatre piece which explores the expectations of female bodies in public space. Having met as part of the Goldsmiths MA Performance Making programme, our company was driven to create a final show which highlighted and undermined aesthetics of attractiveness, respectability, containment and amenability, all of which combine to deny women something very basic: the satisfaction of our appetites.

Live music by Teenasai Balamu

Teenasai aka @GrapeGuitarBox is a queer, Indian, indie musician. They've been releasing music off their debut EP 'Out' which musically illustrates stories of heartbreak, toxic relationships, hope, queerness, and the uncertainty of death, all tied together with the overarching concept of love.

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