origin stories: scratch night programme

Zoom zoom zoom by Amiya Nagpal, performed by Shreya Chatterjee


Zoom zoom zoom the city swoons — is it nighttime or daytime or another time altogether? An exploratory text-based performance about cities, speed, food, sex, and Spiderman


When the Power Went Off, written and performed by Daniela Cristo, directed by Laura Wohwend, music by Bryan Muñoz


Females in positions of power. What a relevant topic. Yet the  woman who was the  first and only female president of Colombia struggles  to write a speech about it. And she has to deliver it at a conference in London...the next day. 


A political satire that follows this imaginary character´s journey to her past, in a desperate attempt to understand the pain, rage and joy of coming from the so called third world. 


Bacon, written and performed by Roze Elisa


A standup piece about intergenerational trauma, Auschwitz, and morning routines.

The Window Debacle, written and read by Siddhant Pusdekar


This is an extract from a novel in the works. It is about an India where it is becoming increasingly difficult to speak truth to power and increasingly easy and tempting for a privileged few to close themselves off from the rumblings of social unrest.


Podcast excerpts from Wordly Women


WORLDY WOMEN is a podcast co-hosted by Cecilia Gragnani & Ana Torre about immigrant women and their stories.

"We interview women from all walks of life and talk about how immigration has affected their lives. We decided to start this podcast because we’re both immigrants and the immigrant experience can sometimes be a lonely one. We want our listeners to realise that they’re not alone, that others out there question their identity, their place in the world and struggle to reconcile two and sometimes three cultures. And we believe that by putting these stories out there perhaps we can encourage non-immigrants everywhere to look at us from a different perspective.

In the scratch night, for the first time, we create a live performance event where extracts of the podcast can be listened to in a new environment and under a different light."



You can listen to the podcast on Itunes, Soundcloud & Stitcher

Twitter: @worldly_women

The Nomadic Tribe, photo series by Shreya Tanisha

One of my earliest photographic exhibitions, and exploration into the study of anonymity, identity, the state of nature, and Wonderland. The idea was to play with the boundaries of returning to "as it was meant to be" in postmodernity.

Music by Bryan Muñoz


Tolu; La m (Cumbia/Colombia)

Romance Espanol; Re m (World Music)

Samba-tango m (Jean Peyronnin)

Mi libertand; Rem (Monsieur Periné)

A la mina no voy (Esteban Carreras/Colombia)

Estudio de Bandola (Bambuco/Colombia)

Vals Mesetté: Souvenir de Montreuil/Jean Peyronnin)

Lighting by Marie Dreysse

Evening curated by Aneesha Srinivasan and Emma Jude Harris of Global Origins Theatre

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