mission + aims

the problem

The plethora of international artistic talent in the UK is not currently represented in the mainstream theatre industry.


This is due to current lack of opportunity for international artists residing in the UK who struggle to integrate themselves into the British theatre landscape due to various systemic barriers - including but not limited to cultural hegemony, immigration legislation, the murky remnants of postcolonialism, Anglo-centrism, and racism. 

the solution

Global Origins is an online and physical network of

international  and multicultural artists residing in the UK.

Our goal is to provide support for cross-cultural storytelling, opportunities for non-British art and platforms for this art to be consumed by a British audience. Our services will include: networking resources (workshops and discussion groups) for international and multicultural artists; as well as programming and performance opportunities, primarily a festival series of multidisciplinary art titled ARE WE THERE YET?

If you want to attend events, share work or ideas at any stage of development, or just have a chat, get in touch



(writer and academic)

"I think that a place where you can acknowledge that immigration and theatre go hand in hand, and are really good for each other, is amazing. Getting to know people who are also doing the same things is not only a very good mechanism of production [...] it is also a good mechanism of support."



"London is one of the most international city on earth. Londoners can literally be from anywhere. Yet this reality is almost completely absent in its theatres, both on stage and offstage."



"As an international student studying at a drama school in the UK it is impossible to ignore the very real impact of the hostile environment policy and what options are available to us as artists once we graduate. I believe Global Origins is seeking to start the very important conversation about what being an international artist in the UK means and providing both a networking and safe space to discuss the challenges we face.